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2020 was a very tough year, especially for photography lovers. Many of our students across the world told us that they didn’t pick up their camera in months. They told us they’d lost their motivation, or simply didn’t have anything to photograph. It’s been the same for us, we live to teach and for a year we’ve been without students. It’s been agony!


This year is going to be different. We’re taking the big leap and making our physical photography classes and workshops available online for everyone. Vaccine or no vaccine, 2021 is going to be the year we bring photography back!


We’ve taken the years of experience we’ve built running the most comprehensive travel photography courses in Asia, distilled it down and are making this knowledge available for you online.


Unlike other photography courses that repeat the same tired things you can learn from a Youtube video, we’ve built our courses to be different. Instead of passive lectures, we’ve designed a syllabus based on the same philosophy we’ve used to run thousands of photography tours in Asia. Learn by doing. Make mistakes. Try again. Fail better. Improve.


This is the Pics of Asia way. Build your skills by doing, not just watching!

Next Courses start on November 1st 2021

Beginner Course

Getting started


- Weekly Videos

- Weekly assignments

- Personalized written assignment reviews

- Community chat and help

Advanced Course

People Photography


- Weekly Videos

- Weekly assignments

- Personalized written assignment reviews

- Community chat and help

- Weekly Live call with our team


Private coaching


- Direct access to all our courses!

- Weekly Live video with Etienne

- Weekly personalized assignments

- Personalized  assignment reviews

- A direct line with us!


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Personalized coaching

As educators, we understand everyone has different skill levels, needs and expectations. Only a personalised follow-up of your classes and assignments can really help you get through the challenges you will face on the journey to becoming a better photographer. 


Each module will include weekly assignments focusing on the current lesson. Each week our team of expert photographers will assess your work, and provide you with personalised feedback on the areas you need to work on. 


Our goal is to inspire and push each one of you to go out and shoot. This is at the core of what photography is to us, a form of art that everyone can use and express themselves with. Nothing makes us happier as teachers than witnessing a student achieve their goal in photography! 


Wherever you live, whatever the photography opportunities available outside your door, we will teach you the themes, the concepts and processes you need to capture the images you really want. We have created courses showing you how you can practice from the comfort of your home and learn the techniques that you will be able to use on your next travel!  

Step up your photography

Follow the photography process that we use when we travel!

Next Courses start on November 1st 2021

Our courses pricing

3 months courses / weekly videos, assignments and reviews / 12 weeks


Starting November 1st 2021


All you need to get started


That's USD 350 per month!

Weekly course video

Weekly assignment and personal review

Community group chat


Let's sharpen your skills!


That's USD 490 per month!

Weekly course video

Weekly assignment and personal review

Weekly group Live Q&A

Community group chat


Private personalized coaching

$800 per month

Special offers for long term sign  ups

Access to ALL courses

Weekly live video with Etienne Bossot

Personal assignments setup and reviews

A direct line with us

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Frequently Asked Question

Which of your courses should I choose?

Do I need any photography knowledge to enroll in your courses?

What camera equipment do I need to follow your course?

I have been doing photography for many many years. Will I learn anything from you?

This is a question we have had a lot over the years, and the answer is yes! We have taught professional landscape photographers about the joys of people photography. We have taught studio photographers how to get out of Manual mode and change their photography processes to become faster and capture candid moments. We have taught professional architectural photographers how to approach people with respect and ethics to take their photos. There is always something to learn from people who have been photographing people in Asia every day for the past 14 years

What if I used to take photos but haven’t picked up a camera in a very long time?

What if I want to sign up after the course starting date?

Do I have to follow the rhythm of the course of a video per week?

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